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LD is taking a brief hiatus from events and personal sessions. During this time he is working on his next book HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE CHAKRAS: A Workbook for Higher Consciousness.

During this time, we urge you to do the Online Classes offered below. 





You are a Spiritual Being existing in a Physical Body.

You have a specific curriculum for this life ...

designed by your Soul to fulfill the arc of human incarnation.

The more you listen to your Soul, acting on its values and urgings,

the more graceful and joyous your life becomes.

Part I of this series explores the dimensions of the Soul's Curriculum.

The six-part series, taught by SOLANO, will provide further insight

and valuable tools to manage the current states of consciousness

we find ourselves in ...individually and collectively. 


Series Cost: $199

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The Evolving Brain

Part II


This six part series, taught by SOLANO, provides further insights and meditations designed to raise your vibratory frequency as a means to understand your access to Divine Consciousness. It is a profound exploration of the dimensions of the Soul's Curriculum.

"I love being focused on this spiritual quest, especially now, when

the world seems to be falling apart. I feel grounded, clear, settling, content,

and excited about the great adventure we are on!"   - Isabella Scandolari  



Though Part II can be taken on its own, we recommend Part I of the series be completed first.

Series Cost: $199 USD

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