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Guided Meditations and Books 

Guided Meditations

There is an Ocean

This Extended Play (73 minutes) Guided Meditation is a wonderful tool for experienced meditators and those new to the practice. 


The tranquil music and wise, calming voice of SOLANO create an opportunity for you to experience your true essence through focusing on the key energy centers of the body.


With music composed by our dear friend and über-talented musician, Wm. Rieflin, it is an extraordinary moment in time for you to regroup and recharge ...or simply relax.

there is an ocean sampleLD Thompson
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Coming Home

This meditation, guided by SOLANO, with profoundly soothing music is the perfect antidote to the stress of daily life. It invites you to a deep state of calm, induces theta brain waves and provides a total reset of the body's nervous system. 

coming home sampleLD Thompson
00:00 / 28:25


The Message: A Guide to Being Human

Paperback (new)

by LD Thompson  (Author)

Have you ever wished that you had an operator’s manual for life when you were born? The Message: A Guide to Being Human offers a clear message: You are a spiritual being living in a body to fulfill a specific curriculum... that of your Soul.  LD Thompson travels the globe influencing thousands of individuals to connect with their own internal benevolent teacher. According to him, 'The more you listen to your Soul and act on its values and urgings, the more graceful and joyous your life becomes'. In the tradition of a spiritual classic, The Message is an inspiration to seasoned spiritual practitioners and new seekers alike. It offers powerful recommendations for how to achieve greater awareness of your Soul’s curriculum and methods to implement it in daily life. Some books claim you can have anything you want. The Message teaches that your greatest happiness will come when you engage the guidance of your Soul in the process.

PLEASE NOTE: Domestic Shipping, Handling and Tax included in price. 

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Field of Plenty: A Guide to Your Inner Wisdom

Paperback (new)

by LD Thompson  (Author)

Fields of Plenty is a well-drawn map to accessing your own intuitive wisdom. By connecting deeply with the design our Soul intended for us in this life, we create abundance  - “plenty.” Fields of Plenty is filled with practical direction on how to graduate from limited mind consciousness to a more expansive perspective of Soul identification. It is a valuable manual for the spiritually adept, as well as those taking their first steps on the path.

PLEASE NOTE: Domestic Shipping, Handling and Tax included in price. 

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