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Book passages, teleconferences and a guided meditation

Book passages

Fields of Plenty #1

This is a powerful passage from the second book "Fields of Plenty: A Guide to Your Inner Wisdom" in which Solano talks about how to move through the blockages that prevent you from experiencing the life that you want.

Fields of Plenty #2

A passage from the second book "Fields of Plenty: A Guide to Your Inner Wisdom"


Economic Breakdown or Breakthrough

Fear is the very antithesis of abundance. Believing that resources are limited is what builds a limited playing field that you inhabit. Seeking to connect with one another in a process of understanding that cooperation and shared creativity is the means to break through the dense force field of belief that there isn't enough to go around. Sometimes it takes an economic crisis to reveal the abundant opportunities that exist in every individual's life.

Teleconference Spring 2016

SOLANO talks about the process of identifying oneself as Soul and viewing the experience of being in body as an entertainment. It is through this process that one gains access to the ability to move with the transcendent brain that is evolving in the human species.

Message regarding the Coronavirus 

SOLANO Telefonkonferenz Transkipt

Der Zustand der WeltIhre Rolle im Traum

21. März 2020

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