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You can book personal sessions online or email us.

Personal session


Individual Session

LD is currently on a brief hiatus. You may book a session but it may be some months before it is scheduled. 

Each session begins with an overview of your life and then opens up to your questions.  Whether your questions are about health, relationships, abundance consciousness, spiritual growth, career enhancement or where to live, the perspective gained prompts profound  movement. 

In-person, Skype, Zoom or phone consultations are available. An MP3 is made of each session.


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The Transformational Series


For those issues that are particularly resistant to change, a series of five personal sessions is available. The series is to be completed in CONSECUTIVE WEEKS during which time you will have homework and, likely, will be asked to undergo a cleanse. Through dialogue, guided meditation and personal examination your Soul's Curriculum is revealed. This is an effective way to bring about profound and lasting change.  A prerequisite to register is to have read The Message: A Guide to Being Human and to have had a personal session.

Sessions are conducted in person, by Skype, Zoom or phone. An MP3 is made of each session.

5 Sessions: $2500 

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Pressing Questions


Recorded Consultation

LD is currently on a brief hiatus. You may submit a question. As time permits, you will receive a response.


If you have a pressing question and do not want to wait for a full session, click the Buy Now button and email the question to:  Within a day or so, you will receive a recorded consultation on your question.



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Feeling stuck …in your financial goals, relationship, career, creativity? With over 40 years of experience helping individuals, small business owners nonprofits and corporations push past hurdles and obstacles and achieve their goals, LD offers a unique style of mentorship. His emphasis is on disabling the ‘default’ synaptic pathways that are associated with the blockages which then allows for re-wiring the central nervous system for success.


One hour - $500



Series of ten - $4500

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