LD Thompson

Author and inspirational speaker.

His first book, THE MESSAGE: A Guide To Being Human, has been translated into German. The follow up, FIELDS OF PLENTY: A Guide to Your Inner Wisdom which won a coveted Nautilus Award, reveals the Soul's view of abundance and is also translated into German. He is a contributor to the anthology A Fuller View: Buckminster Fuller's Vision of Hope and Abundance for All and Huffington Post and Intent.com. 


He balances his time between Baja California and Europe. 


The Message: A Guide to Being Human

Have you ever wished that you had an operator’s manual for life when you were born? THE MESSAGE: A Guide to Being Human offers a clear message - you are a spiritual being living in a body to fulfill a specific curriculum... that of your Soul.


The more you listen to your Soul and act on its values and urgings, the more graceful and joyous your life becomes. In the tradition of a spiritual classic, THE MESSAGE is an inspiration to seasoned spiritual practitioners and new seekers alike. It offers powerful recommendations for how to achieve greater awareness of your Soul’s curriculum and methods to implement it in daily life. 

Fields of Plenty: 

A Guide to Your Inner Wisdom

Fields of Plenty is a well-drawn map to accessing your own native wisdom. Everything we experience has the potential to guide us to a state of abundance and the understanding that we never lack or lose anything. By connecting deeply with the design our Soul intended for us in this life, we create a state of abundance - of “plenty.”


Fields of Plenty is filled with practical direction on how to graduate from limited mind consciousness to a more expansive perspective of Soul identification. It is a valuable manual for the spiritually adept, as well as those taking their first steps on the path.


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